Monday, June 25, 2012


This blog has just died the day i was heartbroken. 

Months passed and I had moved on, so this blog should move on too. I missed writing new stuffs and can't wait to post new entries. Justin in Disguise will be alive very soon.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


I'm missing you
and it's making me blue
I'm missing you
but what can I do
I'm thousand miles away, from you

It's been a week now since I left you and I know it is very hard on our part to be away from each other but I have no other option but to go back in the Philippines. I know you understand my situation and I am very thankful for your support and love. I'm more than hurt because as much as I don't want to leave you but I have to.

You know how hard for me to be away from you because I am already used that you are always with me. It's difficult for me to adjust that you are not on my side.

Long distance relationship is really hard, it is a test of our patience and love. Let's just take this as a challenge in our relationship and I am positive that we will be together again soon.

I am always missing you, and you are always on my mind every single minute. I am very thankful that you never fails to remember me everyday. I love you so much babe and please wait for me. I shall return, inshallah!

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Nang dahil sa naging problema ko sa aking visa kinailangan ko tuloy umalis at iwan ang taong mahal ko. Hindi pala ganun kadali ang mag paalam, ngayon lang ako nakaranas nang ganitong kalungkutan.

Nung unang alis ko papuntang abroad hindi ko naramdaman ang lungkot, marahil excited akong makapunta ng ibang bansa, pero sa pag-alis ko sa UAE pabalik ng pinas dahil kinailangan, ganun pala kabigat sa dibdib lalo na kung ang iiwan mo ay isang taong mahal na mahal mo at ang pinaka masakit pa ay isang buwan palang kayong nagsasama.

When our love is at it's peak, it so sad that we have to seperate for a while. I really felt the pain because I don't wanna go home yet, but I have no choice.

I love my boyfriend very much, and I never love like this before. I had several boyfriends but this one is very special, if you had read my previous entry you will know why.

Of all the people who came to my life, he is the best one and I really felt the his love for me. Actions speaks louder than words, even without saying the 3 words, still his actions are more powerful than those words. He is always on myside, he is there whenever I needed him. Everyday I felt his love for me and there is nothing I want more from him.

Sa sandaling pagsasama namin, naranasan ko sa kanya kung gaano ako ka importante sa kanya. Lahat ng suporta ay binigay nya sa akin. Ako na yata ang pinakamasayang tao sa mundo sapagkat nakilala ko na ang taong aking mamahalin ng todo todo.

Hindi pa ako nagmahal nang ganito sa buhay ko at sa kanya ko lang ito naramdaman, at lahat gagawin ko para sa kanya. Hindi man naging matagal ang aming pagsasama dito ngunit para sa akin sapat na ito para patunayan na mahal nya ako.

Saying good bye is not easy, but I promised him that I will comeback, I will do all my best to be here and be with him again and I can't wait for that time to come. We will continue what we have started and I know it will happen. Maybe this is just a challenge for us to prove our love even we are miles apart.

" promise me you'll wait for me 'coz I'll be saving all my love for you, and I will be home soon...promise me you'll wait for me I need to know you feel the same way too, I'll be home...I'll be home soon"


I can't belived that my journey here in UAE has ended so early, I am not yet ready to go home I am not yet prepared. I went here holding a tourist visa, from Qatar I went straight here hoping to find a good job. I know it is very difficult to go here without any assurance but still I took the risk.

I stayed in Dubai for a month and searched for jobs there, but unfortunately I wasn't successful, so I tried in Abu Dhabi hoping to find my luck there. In just two days I had two offers already, so I chose the one with higher offer, I declined the other one. I thought everything was fine until the time I moved to Abu dhabi. When I accepted the offer the manager has promised me the job so I was confident. Suddenly a big problem came, the company cannot issue work visa as it had a problem with the ministry of labor prohibiting them to issue work visa. In short, my application was cancelled and they can not assure to me when their problems with the labor be settled.  I was so devastated in hearing the news. I couldn't think of any other options, I have no plan B. All the sacrifices and the efforts in moving to another city were all wasted. Worst is my visa is about to expire in couple of weeks, another problem is there is a long holiday because of the Eid. I tried approaching the other company that I declined hoping that the slot is still available but It didn't work out as well. I tried walk-in with other companies here but I was not successful too. If I have ample time with my visa I would have continued applying but due to time constraint I just thought of going home.

The risk I took here is really a big challenge for me and I learned a lot. I thought the job that I am looking for is already within my reach but then suddenly it went away so quickly. I guess my luck is isn't here,or maybe it is not yet my time here, but I am really looking forward to come back here the soonest because someone is waiting for me here, but on my second try I want to make sure that there is already an offer, I don't want to take the risk anymore.

Monday, October 24, 2011


I've been single for two years now and my last relationship was before I left the Philippines for abroad. Since then I told myself to stay away from relationship and just enjoy being single. It is really fun being single because you can do whatever you want and besides you can flirt and taste all men hehehehe. I met a few guys in Qatar and dated some but nothing ended into a relationship.

Sometimes I feel sad because being alone is somewhat kinda depressing, I admit I missed the days having someone beside me, missing me, and taking care of me.

I had several relationships and none of them lasted, in short they were all failed. I got tired too in searching for the right person. After my last relationship, I told myself that I'll stop searching for Mr. Right, instead I'll just wait for him to come  no matter how long it may take.

 I also told myself that if ever I'm going to meet him, I would like to meet him in a strange way, like bumping him on the road or stepping my foot accidentally or hitting me with a ball while playing basketball or having to meet him in not so usual thing, and when this happens I am sure he could be the one. I know this may sound fantasy but who knows it might come true.

 I am not an approachable person, I don't make the first move and I don't have the courage in doing that even if I like the person. I'll just wait for someone to come  and approach me instead. I am not a snobbish person, I will entertain whoever comes to approach me. 

 A month ago, in one of the malls here in Dubai, I met this guy who caught my heart instantly hehehe. I was alone that time and waiting for some friends to arrive, I was roaming around the mall for quite some hours and when my feet got tired I sat in one of the couches there. After a few minutes, a guy about same height as mine, with a little bit of dark complexion passed in front of me and stopped for a few seconds. I thought he was just checking something on the store so I didn't bother to look at him more. Then he sat on the other couch and from that moment I sensed that this guy wants something. Then he stood up and came to me and asked if he can sit beside me and from that moment I  confirmed that my instinct is right. Then he started talking to me and I was kind enough to entertain him, at first there were awkward moments and then we became comfortable when we found out that we both came from Qatar and the funny thing is we have common friends, what a small world for us. Instantly  we became comfortable to each other and we have talked a lot. While talking to each other something came to my mind and asked myself that could it  be him that I am looking for?  Our conversation was cut when my friends arrived and he left at the same time. 

I was a little bit disappointed because he left without asking my number hehehe, I was kinda expecting that from him. I just told myself that If he is the one that  I am looking for, there will come a time that we will see each other again and I don't care if when and where.  

The next day, I opened my facebook and I was surprised to see  friend invitation from him. Without any hesitant I immediately accepted it. I was impressed because he took time to search for me through our common friends and from that I sensed that he is interested in me. He may not able to get my number before but this time he find some way to get in touch with me. 

From then on we started chatting everyday and eventually he get my number. Our conversations went thoroughly  until he invited me to a birthday party. We had our bonding and it gave me the chance to know him better personally. The connection was there and I felt the compatibility, its like we knew each other for a long time. I can feel that something good will happen.

Days has passed and we are starting to feel something for each other and we continued seeing each other weekly. Then it came to the point of revealing of our own feelings, we were just happy to have the same feelings towards each other. We didn't waste time, we proposed to each other and now we are together. We are just so happy to have each other specially me that finally the man that I am looking for is here.

There are no best words explain my feelings right now, I am so in love and this feeling is different from my previous relationships. I am just so happy to have him. I can feel his love and support specially during the time I am looking for job in UAE.  I am just hoping that this will last long because I prayed for this and there is nothing I want more.

Friday, October 21, 2011


After some grueling weeks of job hunting here in UAE, finally I made it! It was a tough start for me and it was not easy. I had several applications and been to various interviews and I can say that it was quite challenging for me to find a job with a limited time only.
I left Qatar after one year and two months and decided to go to UAE specially Dubai to look for work instead of going back to the Philippines. Searching for overseas work in the Philippines is much harder and I experienced it before and I don't wanna experience it again. I arrived here holding a tourist visa and it is valid for thirty days only but extendable for another thirty days. With that time span I must have a job or else I will go back to the Philippines which I don't want to happen.

I arrived in Dubai with high hopes of finding a job quickly. The next day I started browsing jobs on line and started sending my resumes. I didn't wasted any single time and I used all of my resources. It was harder than I thought, yes there are a lot of job openings here but the problem is sometimes they don't match my qualifications. There were only few companies that matches my qualifications. The other problem is they offer low package specially if you don't have "UAE experience" that they are looking.

To be honest, I had hundred applications here in Dubai and only ten percent responded on my applications. I attended interviews, got rejected, I turned down some offer because of low salary package. They told me not to be choosy but hey you can't blame me I left my previous job to look for higher offer.

Time is running fast and my visa is about to expire and yet I haven't found a job. My savings are running out and you can just imagine how my life would turn into miserable in case I will go home. I felt the pressure really really felt it. Everyday I am always expecting calls from my applications hearing good news and it is frustrating when days are passing and no one is calling. It is also very exasperating when being rejected on the interviews and going home sad. Sometimes I am questioning myself where did I go wrong? why did I failed? It is kinda depressing to have that feeling but I just don't take it seriously instead going on and try again and who knows I might hit the pot.

There was a time that I thought of giving up and going back to the Philippines, in fact I already prepared myself of going home. Because of too much pressure, I almost looked myself as a failure, I failed on my dreams. But I told myself that giving up and going home is not the answer but rather fight and keep trying. Good thing my fate is strong and I am not the person who easily gives up. I am already here and I have put a lot of efforts to be here so why quit? After all, all my efforts will be wasted if I quit. I erased all the negatives in mind and think of only positives. God is good and patience is a virtue.

I continued my applications and I didn't limit myself around Dubai only but rather to other Emirates. I tried my applications in Abu Dhabi maybe my charm is there. And I was right, within just a week I had two offers and now I'm about to start on my new job. God is great and He gave me what I am asking for not just one but two with a bonus of love life JOKE!

My friends are right that going here without any assurance is a big risk, so to those who are planning to go here just make sure that you are ready for the challenges that you will face nad just be confident and believe in yourself!

I just hope that everything will go just fine and I know God will not leave me, and I guess this will be the start of something new for me.


They said that having a cabin steward job is one of the most glamorous job in the world making you see the whole world for free. A lot of people is dreaming about this job and would kill their selves just to make it including me.
I know for a 27 year old guy is not yet too late to fly and see the world so I did not let the opportunity to pass without me trying this.
So when Emirates Airline had its open day recruitment, I made myself available and try my luck. I know many applicants will flock on the venue so I made it appoint to come early. I arrived at the venue 1 hour early and to my surprised the crowd is already big and i didn't expected to see such a huge pile of job-seekers. I was already on the 8th line when I arrived and I guess at least a thousand of hopefuls came to this event.
I didn't made it on the first batch so I was scheduled on the 2nd batch and came back after one hour and forty five minutes. Many applicants came on their best and of course including me and I prepared so much for this day.
Many gorgeous female and good-looking men all over UAE of different nationalities herded at the location and of course I was not intimidated by them hehehehe. Filipinos and Africans were the most numbered applicants and I saw many Miss Angola- look a- like.
The interview was short, we were at the auditorium around 100 capacity and there were seven tables on the platform consist of 2 panels each. You have to stand in front of them depending on the panel which you will be assigned. The interview is very casual, it is a matter how are you going to answer and present yourself.
I was a bit nervous when it is about my turn, but I was able to overcome it once I started answering the questions. I was confident and I guess I made a good impressions.
With finger crossed, I left the venue happy because I know I presented myself good. It's up to them if they will going to consider me for the next round. I have to wait though for two weeks to know the results if I was shortlisted.
I am praying to God and will leave everything on Him and if I made it I would be the most happiest person in the whole world :-)